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Cal State Retrofits its Coussoulis Arena Using Satco's T5 LEDS

A "One-and-Done" Solution that Saved Maintenance Cost & Energy

Monday, February 18, 2019

CSUSB, the 4,140 seat coliseum located on the campus of California State University, recently converted its main arena from traditional fluorescent T5 54W HO lamps to Satco’s LED T5 ballast bypass lamps in a one-for-one swap.

While the conversion to the more energy efficient LED lamp is a benefit, the motivation for the conversion was primarily maintenance.

High ceilings in the arena made lamp and ballast maintenance costly and time consuming. 

Maintenance crews could have chosen to use a ballast dependent replacement LED lamp for longer life at the end of a traditional bulbs life.  This would save the additional effort of removing the ballast, but eventually the ballast would also need replacement.

Technical advisors at Satco advise that while it is quick fix, it is not the optimal solution.  A little extra effort now will save big on maintenance costs in the long run, and that is exactly the path that the arena took.

Satco's LED T5 bypass series were used in a "one and done" solution that represented a clear overall savings in labor and maintenance to the stadium.  CSUSB stated that the installation was swift and easy and they look forward to taking full advantage of the 50,000K hours of long LED life.

CSUSB  Satco Distributor: CED, San Bernadino, CA.