When it comes to municipal spaces, good lighting improves the overall safety of the public.  Whether sidewalk, park center or transportation depot, good visibility attributes to sure steps.

Superior LED lighting solutions like the commercial and industrial lamps and fixtures offered by SATCO|NUVO offer energy savings, optimum light quality and low maintenance through the extended lifetime of LED technology.

Lighting the town

SATCO|NUVO is a total lighting resource offering lamps and fixtures for indoor and outdoor use.  From SATCO’s popular line of hi-pro lamps including the multi-beam, A23 & A25 bollard shaped hi-pros and the new hi-pro 360 to our troffers, flat panel and DLC Premium strip lighting.


SATCO|NUVO has expanded its line of wall packs to include mini wall packs and a unique curved wall pack, which cuts down on light pollution while illuminating the ground below for safe passage. New Wide and Slim LED Strips offer flexibility in replacement options through their various installation options and dual widths. Flat panels, troffers and high bay fixtures are just some of the many commercial options utilized in municipal settings.


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