Lighting is one of the most significant factors in securing the safety of your person and property. A well-lit property is both a real and psychological deterrent and is a relatively inexpensive way to mitigate accidental injury, a serious concern according to the National Safety Council.


When lighting your property, lighting the perimeter and high-risk areas like entrances, steps, porches should be carefully considered, as well as traditional areas, like your walkway and drive.


To ward off suspicious activity, lighting with motion sensors and timers, and many insurance companies offer discounts and deductions off of their premiums for security lighting.


SATCO|NUVO offers security lighting, flood lighting and lighting that will help keep your property safe. From dual-light security lighting with or without motion sensors, to flood lights, wall packs with sensors, area lights and more. 


SATCO|NUVO offers reliable, bright, long lasting LED fixtures and lamps to help you maintain and secure your property.

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